Top 3 Favorite Apps for Health – Spring ‘21

These were the top 3 favorite apps that helped me stay sane in 2020. I am continuing to use and enjoy them here at the start of 2021. Initially, I wanted to make a longer list, but while there were other apps that I used, these are the winners.

When we try to make healthy habits, it helps to have accountability and tangible results. Another key part of healthy habits is our community. In 2020, for many of us our community became our immediate household, and online interaction.

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Zombies, Run!
Running app with audio narrative, fitness

All the features of a running app such as Nike Run or Strava, with an exciting and interactive narrative! Zombie apocalypse chic. Excellent audio. Similar to a radio show with a new episode every run. Includes home workouts. Also features side quests and additional features and stories. I find the basic episodes provide a lot of mileage, but it’s nice to know I won’t run out of material any time soon.

Looking to gamify fitness? Look no further.

I went for the paid subscription because, without going to the gym in 2020, I was spending a lot more time with this app. To get my money’s worth, I will continue to use it up through 2021.

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365 Gratitude
Simple and secure daily journal (favorite apps)

This one I started during a particularly low point in 2020. The customizable features let you decide which features you want and when. Do you prefer reminders on a schedule? It’s all up to you. There is a paid subscription, about $30 USD for one year. A lot cheaper than therapy.

You can trial it for free, too.

It is supposed to be very secure and saved on your phone. If you are not much of a journal person, you may find it helpful to have specific prompts that are easy to fill out as brief or as lengthy as you prefer. (Mine were brief, but it is still a healthy habit.)

Another feature of 2020 for many of us was doom-scrolling. The stressful side of social media was maximized. This app is a good alternative.

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Plant Nanny
Simplest and best app for hydration (favorite apps)

Specifically for people like me who are trying to drink more water. The graphics are cutesy and cartoony. I turned off the sound. This is a cheap app with settings for your body and activity level.

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Digital Minimalism

Minimalism, eco-minimalism, sustainability, and zero-waste/ low-waste, are all having a moment right now. Really encouraging to see this trend. In seeking to live in a more conscious way, let’s consider our digital footprint and digital clutter as well.

How many times do you look at your phone? How much time do we spend with our screens? Paring down the apps can be almost as satisfying as paring down the wardrobe. Something to consider.

What favorite apps are you going to use day to day in 2021?

Green Green Green is the Thing

Green for St. Patrick’s Day!

Today we celebrate all things green, with all the green pictures from last year’s garden! Once again, it is time for March Madness, grow lights, and starting seedlings indoors in zones 4-6 or so.

Whether you enjoy green beer or not, let’s use this week as a reason to celebrate! Celebrate spring. Celebrate a new year. Celebrate health, if you are blessed with it. Celebrate a hot cup of coffee. Celebrate the first baby seedlings poking their heads up out of the potting mix.

I lost all my stored garden seeds.

I am actually behind on my spring planting this year. My shoebox of garden seeds was THROWN AWAY to my great sadness. It used to live in the bottom drawer of the refrigerator. Then, we got a new fridge.

Maybe you can see where this is going.

The new fridge turned out not to work, but we had already put a few things into it. We called and were able to have another new fridge delivered the next day. The replacement fridge worked just fine, and is still going strong…

You can see where this is going.

We took out the few things we had put into the original replacement refrigerator–except for the onions and the box of garden seeds in the bottom drawer. Also, I failed to realize this. Until a few weeks later when I was ready to start planting. So, now it will be a little while longer.

Anyone who keeps a stash of garden seeds will appreciate how crestfallen I was to realize that probably $40 worth of seeds including, marigolds, a variety of heirloom tomato and pepper seeds, and various annuals that we grow every year. I am not going to be able to replace all of the varieties in one go since that would be pretty wasteful.

The garden will be just fine, though.

Happy Spring!

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