Off-Grid Video: 11 years living off-grid in an earthship house — Vox Populi

Have you ever considered going off-grid?

This off-grid video shows you how, or at least one version.

Off grid living comes in many shapes, sizes, and places. If you have ever come across the portrayal of someone living in a bunker or geodesic dome and found that way too out-of-bounds… Consider the independence. There are many alternatives to traditional construction and complete grip dependence.

With an increased interest in self-reliance as well as obvious stress on supply chains in recent times, this video shows one method that does not require an all-or-nothing, crunchy granola approach. Non-traditional construction can be aesthetically pleasing. Not only is this sustainable, but clearly it works.

Hélène Dubé and her partner Alain Neveu from Es-Cargo have lived off-grid in Quebec, Canada for 11 years in a self-built earthship style home made of recycled tires filled with earth and large south-facing windows.

Video: 11 years living off-grid in an earthship house — Vox Populi

Off-grid can happen step by step

If you have been thinking about sustainable living, remember the big picture. Living off-grid even in some ways makes you more prepared if the grid runs into some hiccups. The more that you can produce–as opposed to consume–the more you conserve resources. This has a side benefit for the budget as well.

Even if you are limited in your ability to practice a self-sufficient lifestyle, remember that every little bit is just that: practice. The first time I tried to grow container vegetables, I learned A LOT. Mostly about what didn’t work. Now that there is a yard to play with, I have the biggest tomato plants on the block. Everything has a learning curve.

I hope that like me, you get inspiration from seeing the off-grid lifestyle “all out” and thriving. Seize the day and plant something. Even if it is just one potted tomato.