• Garden Planning for Spring

    Winter dreaming of spring and planning all the garden plantings for the new growing season

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    10 Step Home Refresh for the New Year

    What better time of year to pick a few areas to refresh? Here are my annual simple household updates. (Note: I’ve included links to stuff I’d like to try when budget allows; I haven’t tried all of them, and there are no affiliate links.) Kitchen refresh 1. Get new towels! Any worn, faded, or stained […]

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    Prepare for Winter Storms

    Prepare for Winter Storms Ah, winter storms. Remember when Texas froze, and nobody was prepared? People found a lot of creative solutions, but it was bad. Don’t be caught out when the next 100- or 500-year weather event hits. Dress for the weather. Dress in layers. Even if you are going to work, or an […]