Reduce impact

In an aspiring-to-be green household, we often think about ways to reduce our impact.

How do we reduce impact? Consuming less means spending less money. Every product is a “vote with your wallet” for use of resources.

Is it easy? Simple? Sustainable? We try to be both frugal and green. Usually, we start with the question, is there a better way to do this? Is there an easier way?

  • Reduce, reuse, recycle.
  • Waste not, want not.
  • Reduce expenses.
  • Reduce environmental impact.

Our lifestyle is a constant work in progress. Last year, we pursued a few different angles. In general, we like simple and straightforward solutions to the problems of living. Want local produce? Consider a garden full of perrenials. Concerned about power outages or the power bill? Convert your fireplace to a wood burner.

Wanting to conserve energy on laundry? Decrease dryer use with a laundry line or drying rack, which is easier on your clothes anyway.

Sometimes the more eco-friendly way is actually easier. When we switched from scented-clay-clumping cat litter to pine-based cat litter, we expected an inferior product. But what we found instead was it actually worked better. So, something to consider.

Here are a few online resources with a focus on sustainable living.

  • simply by christine at
    • Her work is beautiful and soothingly minimalist.
    • Website links to zero waste living and lifestyle blog, book, and shop.
    • She also has an excellent youtube channel here.
  • Earth Hero at
    • website listing brands and products vetted for their practices
  •  I am going to add more as we come across them.

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