Winter Snowscapes

landscape photo of mountain filled with snow

A series of pictures of winter snowscapes.

Think of a walk in the woods. You have a totally free day.

The weather is crisp and cold, but there is no wind.

alone branches bridge bright
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woman in black dress sitting on rock at the valley covered in snow
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a man walking on a snow covered ground with his dog
Photo by Michele Petruzzelli on

Perhaps a friend joins you. The trail is familiar. The woods are quiet.

Crunching snow underfoot and an occasional birdsong.

branch cold dawn evening
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The day is getting late, but the old cabin is just around the bend.

With firewood, and tea. Shelter. Good night, winter.

brown house near pine trees covered with snow
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firewood burning in fireplace
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frozen river and winter forest on the hill at dusk
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cold dawn fog frost
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trees against sky during winter
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Outside, quiet and cold. Silent piano scales and spirals of the aurora.

northern lights
Photo by Tobias Bjørkli on
panoramic view of aurora borealis over road in subpolar conifer forest in wnter
Photo by Kourtney Gundersen on
pine trees under starry night sky
Photo by James Wheeler on

Night, then dawn. Good morning, winter.

houses near tress
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