Fresh topics for fall 2021

After the big hiatus in 2021, I hope you are excited for some fresh topics in fall 2021.

I am so ready to get back into it here.

These are some of the things on my mind and in the garden as the growing season draws to a close. Let me know what you think, and if you have other topics you’d like to see!

Here are the topics already in the works.

In the garden

  • Apple trees: what, where, how they are doing, and more general thoughts on selecting fruit trees and maximizing yield with intensive planting
  • Pear trees: in the works, with elaboration on some of the strategies we are using to protect them
  • Plum trees: CAN IT BE DONE? I really don’t know, yet.
  • Blackberries: mainly an update on how fabulously hardy they are, and how much kids and adults like eating them straight off the branched-out second year canes, also tips for keep away from deer, squirrels, birds, and bugs.
blue berries close up photography

On the homesteading front more generally

  • Quail: how amazing they are for urban homesteading, how cool their tiny eggs are, garden benefits, but also some of the drawbacks and difficulties along the way
  • Home-making: another year in pursuing being both frugal and green (sustainable) while also making home improvements, working, participating in society, parenting, living, and learning by trial and error along the way
  • Resilience: My take on the myth of self-sufficiency. I love this myth. I’ve also come to love the reality that we are inherently social creatures. Interacting with our wonderful neighbors, being able to do church online, and keeping in touch with friends and family made all the difference in our pandemic/ 2020/ quarantine experience. Having a network of people you can count on is absolutely vital to weathering crises.
brown leaves photo
Photo by Lina Kivaka

Request topics for Fall 2021

I am so excited for this season, partly because it is still pretty warm and pretty humid. Just can’t wait for the crisp, cool weather. Partly because I am planning to plant some pear trees in October, and you know how excited I get about things like that. Partly because the deer demolished my summer garden and it hasn’t been a very productive season.

Hopefully, fall and winter 2021 will be great for everybody. Realistically, these are likely to be tough seasons for a lot of people. Working in healthcare, I am concerned about the evolving pandemic situation. All the more reason to find fun and positive things to plan and pursue.

What topics would you like to see here? Does anyone have good tips for perennials for herbal teas that work in zones 4-5? (Yes, we have peppermint and echinaceae already. LOVE those indestructible perennials.)

Let’s keep it cozy.

sliced apple on clear glass saucer
Photo by Polina Kovaleva