15 Garden Ideas

I titled this post last winter, but never published it, and now it is summer.

Here are the 15 garden ideas that actually were implemented this spring.

  1. Put up the fence. Simple wire fence with t-posts that we take down at the end of the growing season. With the addition of an electric fence along the top to keep the deer out.

2. Fixed an old bird feeder and added it to the other two.

3. Added compost to the top of the straw bale planter, and planted onions, garlic, and peppers. (This is where the tomatoes were last year.)

Red and yellow onions

4. Added three new raised beds, and planted tomatoes, basil, cilantro, nasturtiums.

Teeny tiny tomatoes

5. Refreshed the large raised planter, and planted rosemary (annual) and onions.


6. Cleared last year’s annuals from the front planters. Planted Swiss chard. Re-planted it after squirrels dig up most of the seeds, and added pothos vines to the front of the planters.

7. Planted another raspberry and blackberry in the back.

Unripe blackberries in progress

8. Planted black beans and pinto beans in large pots. (Deer LOVE bean vines, so these are in pots to keep them portable and close to the house.)

Pinto beans

9. Moved the lemon and fig trees out to the garden in their pots.

Teeny, tiny baby lemon

10. Planted parsley and nasturtiums in pots.

Nasturtiums (take three; the squirrels ate the seeds in takes one and two)

11. Planted some marigolds and echinaecea, but to no avail. May try again if I can figure out what went wrong.

12. Started figuring out where to put the Egyptian onions, Alpine strawberries, peppermint, and Russian comfrey from last year, all of which are pretty much outgrowing their respective containers. Great problem to have. They should all be perennial. The strawberries especially will need to be kept safe from critters. TBD!

Alpine strawberry plants

13. Harvested the first few alliums as well as parsley, dill, and cilantro.

14. Experimented with using bean vine leaves in lieu of spinach, since it is difficult to grow greens here. Pretty tasty, especially on pizza or in egg scrambles. About as tasty as spinach is, anyway. It’s not so much difficult to grow greens, but rather to keep the wildlife from eating them.

15. Also, installed a second rain barrel.

Happy growing!

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