Did you panic-buy dried beans? Here’s what to do with them

Here are some ways to use them:

  1. Traditional cooking. Soak overnight, slow cook. There are good recipes online. But a few pounds of dried beans goes a looooong way.
  2. Grow bean sprouts. Yes, these are the same as fresh sprouts you would get at a sandwich shop or add to a noodle soup. Takes a few days, and provides a fresh crunchy green vegetable full of micronutrients. Incidentally, you would want to use food grade seeds for any sprouts; commercial garden seeds are often treated with substances to prevent spoilage and enhance germination.
  3. Alternate source of greens. I would not necessarily recommend for salad, but especially the fresh, small leaves work very well in soup, quiche, even on pizza. More of a dark leafy green, not unlike spinach. No complicated, peppery, or bitter taste.
  4. Give up, and either sprout them all and feed them to the chickens, or combine dry beans and dry macaroni in a bowl, gather glue and construction paper, and find a preschool class to make art from bulk food supplies.

On the plus side, dry beans store without spoiling for a long, long time.

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