Christmas Captures

This year, the only spending we chose to do for decorations was the purchase of two small, live potted spruce trees. The plan is to enjoy them this year, and with a little luck, keep them alive through future years! Otherwise, it was fun getting the pieces from the past few years out of the attic.

I don’t remember where this was from, but it was on clearance end of last year–how I usually get holiday themed items.

I have so much respect for all the parents out there who do things like Elf on the Shelf… Especially and specifically, Elf on the Shelf. I cannot imagine ever having the patience or energy for that particular tradition.

Hopefully I’m not the only adult who pulls out all the decorations and sees the glitter falling all over the floor from various ornaments–and I don’t even mind. This time of year, it adds to the fun. Even though I’m the one who eventually cleans it up.

Same goes for snow. This time of year it takes more effort to get outside. I actually enjoy shoveling snow as one of the few activities that is readily available, provides a decent workout, and is outside. During the darker winter months, the reflection off the snow makes everything so bright. I love the gentle pastels of snowy fields.

With the passion for earth sciences in our house, if only there were another, more technical term for the snowy brightness.

al·be·do/alˈbēdō/Learn to pronounce noun ASTRONOMY

  1. the proportion of the incident light or radiation that is reflected by a surface, typically that of a planet or moon.”the lunar maria have a lower albedo than the surrounding terrain”

Dreaming of a White Christmas spent snuggling and hogging the blankets in the Great Indoors.

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