Tinder and Kindling

Less of a project, more of a habit. This post is NOT in reference to the dating app, although that could be interesting.

To start a fire: If you have a wood burning fireplace like me, or you just appreciate the fun of a campfire or backyard fire pit, here are a few free ideas for fire starters.

  • Lintbox. Save lint from the clothes dryer and stuff it into an old Kleenex box. I did this growing up. We don’t really buy boxes of tissues very often but this idea gets one more use out of two useless things. (Reduce, reuse, recycle…) Also, I try to use the indoor clothesline these days so the lint also does not accumulate as quickly. But whatever there is, I save in a paper bag to later BURN!
Brown paper bag o’ lint ready to BURN!
  • Newspaper. The old standby. We don’t get a newspaper but from time to time, there will be a stack of free ones available at the library or workplace. Also can be useful as a mulch for weed-killing (non-glossy pages).
  • Miscellaneous paper waste. To be extra safe avoid color inks or glossy finishes. But paper bags, tissue paper that comes in wads in new shoes and bags, etc.
  • Twigs and sticks. This is more kindling than tinder. In our area there are a lot of maple trees. They shed prolifically. Picking up sticks is a lawn chore. The twigs up to small branches catch quickly, and burn quickly.
  • Store bought fire starters, from the store. If you prefer! They are bought from the store and generally soaked in a chemical mixture similar to lighter fluid. Not my first choice, but effective. Not very expensive, but not free like the other options.

Do you like a fire in the evening? Are you team cocoa or team latte?

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