Propagate Pothos Plant

Pothos is one of my favorite plants, both as a houseplant and outside in our planters during the summer!

The best part is I haven’t had to buy a new plant in years because it is so easy to propagate from cuttings.

Benefits: indoors, it purifies the air. Having houseplants in a room with musical instruments can help to naturally regulate the humidity in the room. Outdoors as far as I know it just looks pretty.

Watch out for: if you have animals or kiddos that like to try tasting your plants then this one is safest out of reach. We have a dog and a cat but they are both mature senior citizen pets and have never shown any interest.

Unlike many plants, Pothos likes to be crowded together. I usually cut 2-4 stems and leave them in a jar of water. You can see the little bumps that develop into roots, so try to cut it such that at least two of these will be in the water. Pothos is a very forgiving plant. It may be a couple of weeks before you can really see the roots.

Look at all those great roots! I will keep these guys in the jar another month or so. When it’s consistently warm overnight, I will set the jar on the front porch for a couple of weeks to let the plants acclimate. Then they will be ready to go into the planters. Even on the shaded porch, they get a lot more sun outside. Last year the vines were prolific and drooped very prettily over the edges of the planter. Hopefully they will do as well this summer and I can post some pictures! Have you had these plants? Are you interested in propagating them from cuttings? I love how easy they are to grow.

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