Paint the Laundry Room

It’s amazing what a difference a fresh coat of paint can make. I wish I had taken more before pictures of our home, in general. It started out pretty rough.

Suffice to say, the laundry room started out as a deep pink or mauve color. I didn’t hate the color but it definitely was overpowering. Then last summer the AC broke resulting in a flood of water that took out a section of the ceiling which then had to be replaced.

The ceiling had been painted gray and I knew matching the faded gray exactly would be almost impossible.

Almost a full year later we have finally gotten around to this painting project. We kept it simple with neutral white. These before pictures are after the primer coat.

I like the after pictures a lot better!  For me, the hardest part of tackling a project like this is getting set up. Once everything is moved out of the way and the edges are covered with painter’s tape, the actual paint application is the easy part. Are you working on any home improvement projects?

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