Start Seedlings

This is so easy. Even I can do it!

In temperate climates it is well worth starting tomatoes, peppers, and basil indoors to maximize the growing season.

A packet of seeds is usually $1-3 and if the seedlings fail you can always buy seedlings, which are usually only $3-8 each.

This year I decided on a couple of different tomato varieties, a mild jalapeño pepper, and of course summer basil. The basil will truly last all summer if you cut the tops before it flowers.

It helps to have a grow light, but isn’t necessary. If the seedlings get too leggy, adding soil up to the level of the first leaves will support them. Tomatoes will produce roots all along the vine if covered in soil.

I have my fingers crossed for these little guys!

Yes, these are re-purposed Dunkin Donuts cups.

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