How to Start a Project

  1. Define Your Goal
    • Think about what you want to accomplish.
    • For some people, it helps to write down a few words or even make a Pinterest board to gather inspiration.
    • Narrow your goal down to a short phrase, not more than 3-4 words.
  2. Write Your List
    • Write down the specific tasks that need to be accomplished to reach your goal.
    • Keep it simple. Break each task down into steps that are small enough to be attainable.
    • You may realize that you aren’t sure of all the steps. This is the time to do some research!
  3. Plan Your Time
    • It is important to actually sit down and map out a timeline.
    • Strategize! You need to map out the chunks of time in your day/week that you will devote to a certain project.
    • Deadlines count. Set a final deadline. Tell at least one person what it is, to help keep yourself on track.
    • Remember, things change. You may have to revise your plan periodically. For instance, you might find that you scheduled 10 hours per week, but you actually only have 1 hour per day on Monday through Thursday. That’s okay, as long as you are realistic and the project is one that doesn’t need a strict timeline.

These are the steps to get started with any new project! What do you think? Personally, I love the excitement of starting something new. Planning it out makes the process less daunting. Are you thinking of anything you want to get started?

Necessity is the mother of skill-building.

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